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  • Fully protected cases
  • Grip Holdable 
  • Secure Your Personal Privacy
  • fashion and protective element
  • Slide cover protects phone camera from scratch
  • Made of environmentally friendly PC and TPU material
  • tough and wear-resistant
  • Good touch feeling
  • Anti fingerprint and oil stain
  • One-piece molding
  • Impact resistant airbags on four corners
  • completely fits

This Google Pixel 6A Nillkin Cam Shield Pro Cover & Case is designed to provide you with full protection for your phone. The case is made of durable materials like PC and TPU, making it tough and wear-resistant. It also has a secure grip to hold it in place, as well as impact-resistant airbags on the four corners and a slide cover that protects your phone's camera from scratches. The case is also anti-fingerprint and anti-oil-stain, plus it's environmentally friendly and fits your phone perfectly.

Google Pixel 6A CamShield Pro - Dohans Qatar